About Us

Since 1975, Peng-Nguang-Hong, a small shop running retailing business selling rice, is located at    the 2-phased commercial buildings, opposite to Phra Pathom Chedi, Nakornpathom. Our shop a settle down on   our own and buys rice directly from rice mills. What we never ignore is our great attention to product standard,    cleanliness, freshness but cheap price, relating to the work ethics " what best suits our consumers".

Nowadays, thanks to 42 years of experience and great intention, we have established a new companynamed "Kamchan Rice Company Limited" which runs a business mainly on healthful rice of which the outerside is not eliminated plus it is full of good nutrients. That is our " Kamchan".

The new products distributing under "Kamchan Brand" are Soy Drink Powder, producing by

 Soybean  meal and cereal serving  the value and naturally taste to your home.